What is SMASH?

SMASH - Save Money And Stay Home (with your kids), was created to help mothers escape the rat race: the myth that a family has to have dual incomes. We've been tricked into thinking two incomes are necessary, that day care is a good place to raise children, that never having dinner together is okay, that "it's better for kids to get sick now" (in day care).

There are lots of mothers working to put food on the table and keep a roof over your family's head -- I salute you! But there are even more moms working to make the second car payment on a new car and to buy Jibbitz for Crocs. Will you look back on your life and say, "Boy I'm sure glad I worked instead of being with my kids so they could wear Ralph Lauren!" Regardless of your work status or location, SMASH is were you can find ways to make your dollars go farther, and hopefully, where you can find the courage to get out of the rat race.

During my first years of motherhood, I was making great money, with a prestigious career at a Fortune 500 company, with a company car, health care, profit sharing, and generous bonuses. I traveled 3 days per week, my home office phone rang off the hook, my home fax machine rang throughout the night, my boss regularly called at 7am. Even when I was home, I wasn't available to my family. One day, when picking up my son from preschool, his teacher mentioned that I must have been traveling that week. I said, "Yes, how did you know?" She said, "Oh I can always tell when you're traveling, because your son is so sad." That was the moment I knew it was time to start SMASHing.

After long talks and prayerful consideration, I left the rat-race, and came home. It's been a long, difficult road, but it's worth it. I'm no Polly-Anna, at best I'm a bag lady with a house, but I know it's better for my kids, to be here, teaching, loving, and even punishing them first-hand.

Growing up, my mom set the standard by always knowing the best deals, and never making a purchase without a coupon. Living on just my husband's income, has forced me to become the DEAL QUEEN. I make it my life's quest to always know the best deals, where to find the best coupons, and how to boost my family's income with family friendly money-making ventures. SMASH is here to share all my money-saving, money-making ideas with you. Let me be the first to tell you, YOU LOOK SMASHing DARLING!!!