Summer is my Happy Place

I blog to help families Save Money And Stay Home with their kids. Time with my kids is worth so much more than money could ever buy me. Today is not the last day of Summer according to the calendar but school starts tomorrow so the pace of Summer will change. We will still go to the pool, have dinner on the deck, go see the eclipse, have cookouts and so on but the part of Summer I love the most is coming to an end. I love spending time with my kids in the Summer.

I will always be thankful for Summer. Summer has always been my happy place. Some of my best memories in life have happen in Summer. My birthday is in the Summer, I met Logan at a pool in the Summer of 1988, easy days at my grandparents pool growing up, fun swim team times at Spring Lake, road trips, fishing and skiing at the lake, Kings Island, watching the Summer Olympics, stepping foot on the campus of EKU as a freshman on a hot Summer day, tons of trips to the beach, getting married, and no school in the Summer.

As an adult Summer is extra special because my kids are free from the worries of school and I have made choices in my life that have given me the time to enjoy Summer with my kids. Summer of 2010 when Logan IV was in the hospital fighting cancer makes every Summer past 2010 an extra special. I am thankful for time. I am thankful for motherhood. I am thankful that God has seen my through every season of life. I am thankful that Summer will also come again.

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