My Path

Hello My SMASHing friends,
I had lunch the other day with my friends and fellow bloggers Hallee at Hallee The Homemaker  and Amy at The Happy Homemaker
We were talking about blogs, life, God, family, Childhood Cancer, Special Education, Military Life and so much more. Hallee and Amy were encouraging me to be more open with my blog and tell my story. I have a lot of stories to tell.

So over the summer I will be working on my blog. I will always tell you about SMASHing deals but I will also start telling you about the rest of my life. I am always so blessed by learning from people who have walked my path before me. So, I am hoping my path will be a blessing to someone.

Here is a peek into my world. Today before 11:00am I took two kids to school with flowers in hand for Teachers Appreciation Day, went to a school band concert, went on a walking field trip to Domino's Pizza with Baylor's Kindergarten class, lost my keys in the school parking lot, found my keys in the office thanks to a good soul who turned them in, and talked on the phone to my hubby who is deployed with the Kentucky National Guard to Africa.

What is on tap for this afternoon? I have to return a phone call to a retired police captain about the safety of our local parks, pick up a book from the library before I have left it on hold too long and have to pay a fee, take Elise to swim coaching and Baylor to t-ball. And in there I guess I need to feed kids dinner, do laundry, take the dog for a walk and chat with Loge IV.

I am a blessed girl. My life is never boring. Here is who I am: I am a Christian  wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, military wife, special education mom, volunteer and a crazy dyslexic mind. So these are the things I will blog about. I hope I can be the right person in your path. God is good all the time and I have been blessed by the people in my path.
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