Spend Money to Save Money

I am all about saving money. Sometimes you have to spend money to protect your money. I am so thankful I paid the extra $27 for trip insurance on my son's flight home for Christmas. My son was injured two days before his planed flight and could not come home. So, because I bought the trip insurance I have a flight credit for when he can fly home.

Best Book to Learn about Healing from Autoimmune Issues

I had lunch today with dear friends who want to heal and feel better. I was asked what one book you should read to understand and start AIP. This is the book I think is the place to start: The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body

Vitamin C is Needed to Help with Iron Numbers

The struggle to get your iron numbers up with an Autoimmune issue is often one of your hardest battles. Did you know you need vitamin C to help get your iron where it needs to be in your body? My number have gotten better since I added C with my daily iron. Here is what I take.

Free Meal on Veterans Day

All veterans and active military get a free meal on Veterans Day at City BBQ


FREE Car Wash for Veterans Day

This Veterans Day we are honoring the men and women who’ve served our nation by giving away our BEST WASH FREE to ALL Veterans and Active Duty Personnel on Monday, November 11th! If you’re a Veteran or currently serving in the military, visit any Time To Shine location and get our best wash for FREE.

If you know a Veteran or someone who is currently serving, please share this email or tell them to come to Time To Shine Car Wash to get their car washed for FREE.
At Time To Shine, we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality car wash in a clean, comfortable environment - every time! When you wash at Time To Shine, you're helping conserve water and dispose of soap and chemicals through environmentally safe methods. Our wash uses top-of-the line equipment for the highest quality wash, plus we offer free vacuums, towels, window cleaner, and use of mat cleaner so you can leave with a vehicle that is spotless inside and out. Come wash with us and see why our customers choose Time To Shine!
Time To Shine Car Wash

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