Iron is Important

Iron is so very important. I have struggled for years with low iron. My iron numbers are now in normal rang and I am working for optimal iron levels. My numbers got better when I added a Vitamin C with my iron. Something so simple helped but I was never told by a doctor that you need C to get the iron where it needs to be. I had to learn and study for myself. If you have low iron it is important to get your numbers optimal. If you take a thyroid RX DO NOT take it with iron. Your thyroid RX will not work as it should if you take it with your iron. You need to wait a few hours after taking thyroid RX before you take your iron. As always educate yourself and work with your doctor.
Here is what I take:

Vitamin D and Vitamin K

There is so much to know about Vitamin D that doctors are not telling you. D is so very important to our health. It's the D3 form you need to take. I struggled for years with very, very, low D. Nothing helped until I started taking this D3 and added in a Vitamin K. K helps the D get to where it needs to be. As always work with your doctor but educate yourself.

My Favorite Multivitamin

Everyone needs to find what works for them. Make sure you are working with your doctor. Here is a link to a great multi Smarty Pants. If you can only take one thing this is what I would take. The most important part, the vitamin b is methylated. If you have almost any health issues you might need to always take B in t's methylated form. Here is info on MTHFR and methylated folate.

Jolyn Swim offers a 10% Military Discount

Jolyn Swim offers a 10% Military Discount.

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