Netflix and Motherhood

Yesterday I wrote about who I am. "I am a blessed girl. My life is never boring. Here is who I am: I am a Christian  wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, military wife, special education mom, volunteer and a crazy dyslexic mind..." 

So for the next few days I will take one part of my life and tell you something I have learned that might help you. I am not a know it all smartie pants. I have all kinds of flaws. Any tips are me just living my life out loud and Thanking God for the wisdom that comes with age.

A few years ago we were cutting our family budget and got ride of cable. The kids were very upset at the thought of no cable but they soon got over their lack of cable. If you have internet access at home you can watch just about everything you want from on an over the air antenna, Netflix, Hulu, phone and iPod/iPad apps and a million other ways. 

It is funny how you see the world at different points in your life. When Malcolm in the Middle first aired I saw everything from the view point of Malcolm. I laughed, cried, and felt his pain of life as a young teen and not fitting in at school. 

Now my kids have watched Malcolm in the Middle on Netflix and I see the show from the view point of Lois. It is like it is not even the same show. I laugh, cry and scream with Lois. I feel her pain for wanting to help her kids and not really knowing how. I feel her pain for a crazy messing house that nobody ever seems to care about the mess other than her. 

Job 32:7 is a great verse for what I have learned by re-watching Malcolm in the Middle with my kids,  I thought, 'Those who are older should speak, for wisdom comes with age.

So what is my wisdom. Save money and dump your cable bill, sit down and watch TV with you kids.

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