Great Free gifts for your kids Birthdays

If your kids love Chuck E Cheese sign them up on-line to receive free tokens on their birthday. I don't like to give my kids real birth dates on-line so I use a standard fake date near their birth dates for on-line forms. Chuck E Cheese will also send you great coupons. If you want to save money feed the kids at home and then just go to Chuck E Cheese and play games. One token per game is the best deal you will find anywhere.

Cleaning up or building around the house?

If you live in Lexington, KY you can get a BIG dumpster from the city for only $38.00. We have done this twice while working on projects around the house.

"LOAN-A-BOX" a box will save you big money if you need a dumpster. You do have to plan ahead because there is a wait list for the loan a box. If you rented a private dumpster it would cost you about $150 base not including dump fees.

Spring Cleanup/Neighborhood Cleanup/House & Yard Cleanup

The Loan-A-Box (formerly the Loan A Truck) program is a service where a resident or non-profit organization can schedule to have a box delivered to you overnight through the weekdays or on Friday for the whole weekend. You can then load the 10x6x4 box for a total of ten (10) cubic yards with most types of debris and we will haul it away. This program is available to all citizens of Fayette County.

This program is not for businesses or private contractors.

The Loan-A-Box program now runs all year round (Previously the Loan A Truck program only ran from March 15th through September 15th each year) and is scheduled on a first-come, first-to-be served basis. The safe usage of the box is very important, and we ask that you review the guidelines for acceptable and unacceptable items.

We are pleased to be able to offer this program to the residents of Fayette County. A fee of $38.00 is required in advance to cover the landfill disposal cost. This is not a rental fee.

We will do our best to honor your scheduled date for the Loan-A-Box, but breakdowns and emergency situations do occur occasionally. If this happens, we will contact you as soon as possible and another date will be scheduled. If you need assistance or would like more information on the Loan-A-Box program, please call LexCall at (859) 425-2255 or send an email.

Bluegrass Waste Alliance prohibits the disposal of certain materials. Below you will find a listing of the acceptable and unacceptable items. Please refrain from overloading the container, items must not extend over the sides.


* Washers/Dryers
* Couches/Chairs/Furniture
* Old Clothing
* Stoves
* Carpeting
* Cardboard
* Water Heaters
* Rocks
* Bricks
* Concrete or Masonry materials (small amounts)
* Plaster or Drywall
* Wood
* Leaves
* Dirt
* Windows
* Roofing (non-asbestos)
* Tree Limbs/Stumps 6" or less in diameter
* Shrubs


* Car Parts, Batteries or Rims
* Refrigerators, Air Conditioners or any appliance that may contain freon
* Gasoline, Kerosene or any flammable liquids
* Pesticides/Chemicals
* Paint or Paint Thinners
* Metal
* Utility Poles
* Tree Stumps over 6" in diameter
* Motor Oil
* Grease