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Living well on any one income. How to Save Money And Stay Home With Your Kids.

Volunteer for The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games this fall

Heroes Wanted . . . Heroes Found

Dear SMASH Fans,

Volunteer for The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games this fall

With the start of 2010, we are revving up for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games this fall. The next few months will be busy ramping up our activities here getting ready for this event—a journey filled with many exciting experiences and unbridled success. We thought it the perfect opportunity to contact you, our most valuable asset—our volunteer—our hero—to talk about the path you will tread over the next few months.

The Volunteer Hero’s Journey

1) The Call to Ride (General Volunteer Recruitment) February-April

Many of you have accepted the call to join us on the adventure of a lifetime. We are currently still actively recruiting general volunteers to work with us during the Games.

a. Referral program—We’d like to reward you for every general volunteer you sign up. We are currently upgrading our registration system to better serve your needs. The system will allow you to refer our opportunity to other potential volunteer candidates. For every volunteer you sign up, your name will go into a drawing for a big prize during our volunteer general training session at the beginning of summer. Please look for another letter in the next few weeks detailing the system upgrade and giving you instructions on how to use the system.

b. Collecting availability—With the new system upgrade, we will also be asking you to fill out your specific availability at Games-Time. In addition, we will ask you to pick your areas of work preference. We realize that some of you signed up for a particular job initially and we will do our best to accommodate those requests. However, you will be given the opportunity to change your job preference at this point. Final job assignments will be made after the selection process.

2) Pony Up (General Volunteer Selection Process ) February-April

As part of the journey, you will take part in a selection process. Every volunteer is required to go through an initial interview. For some, it will be in the form of Meet & Greets, for others, it will be a short,informal interview. For our local volunteers, these interviews will be in person. For our out-of-town volunteers, we will accommodate your distance by providing an alternative process either online or by phone. We will communicate this process to you in the next few weeks, so that you can schedule the interview to meet your scheduling preferences. Look for that communication very soon.

a. Some functional areas (departments) require additional screening for certain positions. After you undergo the first interview, you may be called to participate in an additional interviewing process for a specific role. Again, that process will be communicated to you so that you can make arrangements to take part in that process. After this secondary process has been completed, we will make tentative job assignments.

b. Tentative Confirmation/Position Offers—Beginning in early spring, we will give volunteers who’ve gone through the required interview process, a tentative acceptance (understanding that a background check will still need to be passed). We will then send out offer letters for specific positions. * You can visit our housing bureau for available accommodations in the area ( Then select Accommodations.) Because of the demand, we will not provide volunteers with accommodations. Volunteers are responsible for securing their own accommodations and the cost associated with those accommodations.

3) Jump in the Saddle (General/Competition Volunteer Training) June-September.

Now that you have your job assignment, you will embark on the final steps to the Games. Jump in the saddle with our training program and you will learn about volunteering, the specifics of your particular position and the venue you will be working.

a. General Training—all volunteers will attend this training (starting in early summer for our local volunteers). General information about volunteering, customer-service, issue resolution and cultural sensitivity will be covered in this session. You’ll receive your official volunteer handbook at this training.

b. Job-Specific Training—This training will focus on your particular job and the basics of doing that job at Games-Time.

c. Venue-specific Training—This training will occur just prior to working at the Games and will focus on the particular venue you will be working during Games-time.

d. Just-In-Time Training—This training will be offered to our out-of-town volunteers in an accelerated format and will include the three subject areas mentioned above.

4) Take the Reins (General/Competition Volunteer Uniforms/Credentials ) August-September

The trail ends at the Games, but not before you officially take the reins when you receive your uniform and credential in the weeks leading up to the Games. You will schedule a time to pick up both of these items at our Uniform/Accreditation Center (UAC). Again, we will provide a just-in-time pick up for our out-of-town volunteers.

Just a reminder of items to look for in the next few weeks:

· A letter explaining our system upgrade and instructions on how to use the system.

· A letter inviting you to schedule an interview or attend a Meet & Greet.

I hope this letter gives you guidance on your upcoming journey, a journey we will make together for the experience of a lifetime. Know that your willingness to give of your time by volunteering with us is much appreciated. You are our Heroes. Thank you.


Erin Faherty and Melissa Gamble

Volunteer Services Team

Living well on any one income. How to Save Money And Stay Home With Your Kids.