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Frugal Tip Line Dry and Save Money

The back of our home faces West and gets all the hot, hot afternoon sun. The other day I said, "I wish I could trap that energy and use it!" Well I have. I have gone back to an old-fashioned thought...Drying my wash on a line. I am not using power to run my dryer and I am not heating up my house by using the dryer.
Drying your wash on a line is a great easy way to save money. It is also fun to have your kids help you.

Happy 4th of July

I think I like 4th of July more than Christmas. I like summer much more than winter. All the gift buying and parties puts too much stress on a family at Christmas. But let me be clear I know Christ is first in all things but there is just not much of Him in Christmas these days. I pray that God will keep blessing America.

Happy 4th of July