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It pays to be a hungry world traveler, who loves to get their celebration on.
Noodles & Company is about to open in Lexington and we need your help breaking in the china.
Join us for a little free food and a whole lot of excitement on:

January 29th, 6pm-8pm
January 30th, 11:30am-1:30pm
and 5:00pm-7:30pm 
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Save your Outside Water Spigot and Pipes from Breaking for only $2

The garden hose is disconnected. Even if it looks like it is not in the photo.

Woo, it is cold outside. Many of my neighbors are dealing with broken pipes due to this crazy cold weather. I have a great tasty way to save your outside water spigot. Go get your favorite drink in a big styrofoam cup. Next drink your tasty drink.

1. Wash out the cup.
2. Place a smaller tight fitting styrofoam cup over the spigot.
3. Place the bigger styrofoam cup over the smaller cup.

The spigot will not freeze or break and you get a fun drink. Saving your pipes for only $2.