FREE Body wash from CVS

Get this great FREE deal!
FREE Body wash from CVS.
MinuteClinic walk-in medical clinics are inside select CVS/pharmacy stores in 25 states. Visit us for treatment of common illness, vaccinations and wellness & prevention services. Open 7 days/week; no appointment necessary.
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FREE Krispy Kreme June 7

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Dyslexia and FREE Ice Cream

So I have made a commitment to be more of a real blogger. Tell you about great deals but also tell you about my life. If you have read my blog for any amount of time at all you might have noticed I have a bit of a dyslexic mind. No matter how much I reread and edit there are always a few mistakes that slip into my post. I am an adult so I own my issues. It is who I am and has made me who I am.

When I was a child I did not own my issues. I was embarrassed. Kids made fun of me because I had to go to a "special" class for help. I could go on a rant about how bad the school system was for kids like me in the 70's and 80's before the world of IEPs and 504's but I will spear you.

So now fast forward 27 years and I have kids with a lot of my same issues. It has taken us years to find the right school situation for our oldest son. We have found a good school situation for him and he is blessed by teachers who love and understand him. I was blessed by God's timing to make it to my son's awards program on the last day of school and these are the words his teacher said about him while giving him the Best Student Award... " My, dad always told me good manners would get you everywhere in life. The student who is getting my Lead Mentee Award is the most polite student I have every taught. I trust this student 100%. My Lead Mentee is Logan." 

Why am I telling you all this? Well, because now is the time to take your child's report and get FREE goodies.

Here is a list of places I have tested in Lexington, KY and know the programs work.

Chuck E. Cheese gives free tokens

Krispy Kreme Doughnut will give a doughnut for every A with a max of 6 doughnuts

Great Harvest Bread will give a free cookie

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Kentucky you get 1oz off your order for each A on your report card

Graeter's Ice Cream will give your child a free scoop grades K-8. And yes, Lexington Graeter's is coming back this spring in a new Chevy Chase location.

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Kings Island FREE this Weekend for Military Personnel

Current and former members of the U.S. military will get FREE admission to Kings Island amusement park in Mason over Memorial Day weekend. The park says a valid military ID must be presented at the Kings Island ticket window to take advantage of the free admission offer which runs Friday through Monday.
The offer also allows military personnel to purchase up to six discount admission tickets for immediate family members.
Military personnel qualifying for the offer include active and retired members of the military, veterans with honorable or medical discharges and National Guard and the Reserve Officers' Training Corps members.
For more information about ticket prices, go to .

Read more:

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FREE Schick Hydro Silk Razor

Text SCHICK to 24444 to snag your FREE Schick Hydro Silk Razor. Click on the link that is sent back to you after you text, then fill out your mailing info. Act fast to get this great FREEBIE
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Southland Aquatic Center Admission FREE 12 – 4 pm, Saturday, May 25, 2013

12 – 4 pm, Saturday, May 25, 2013
Southland Aquatic Center
Admission: Free 

Join us at the Southland Aquatic Center this Memorial Day Weekend as we kick the summer off with a splash at Poolapalooza. Held from 12 – 4 pm on Saturday, May 25, this pool party will include free admission to the aquatic center, music, games, door prizes and many more surprises for the entire family. For more information, call (859) 288-2973.

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1/2 Price Moe's Lexington Friends

Lexington Moe's Southwest Grill - Moe's Southwest Grill - $7.50 for $15 Toward Food & Drinks at Moe's Southwest Grill!

Act fast this deal will not last long.

Being a Daughter means buying Mom a FREE Mother's Day Meal at LaRosa's Pizza

Yesterday, I wrote about who I am. "Motherhood"  Today in honor of Mother's Day I will write about being a daughter. My mom and grandmother have always thought I hung and spun the moon. I have always been bright, funny, smart, and stylish in their eyes. I am a daughter of divorce parents. My dad shaped my life but only in the bits and slices of times I spent with him. When I think about being a daughter I think of being my mother's daughter.

So on Mother's Day I will take my mom to get a great meal at LaRosa's.

Great Mother's Day deal at LaRosa's. Our treat, a Just Right Combo for Every Mom in Our Dining Rooms! Sunday, May 12th | Open to Close.

Let Us Cook For Mom On Mother's Day!
Just Right Combo for Every Mom in Our Dining Rooms! Sunday, May 12th | Open to Close
Let us do the cooking! Moms are extra special people and we want to help you celebrate! On Mother’s Day every mom will get a free Just Right Combo when you join us in our dining room for lunch, dinner or anytime! Tell Mom to try one of our new BGOOD2U Hoagys as part of their Just Right Combo! Read more below andwatch our TV commercial.
Small Pizza & Garden Salad
Share With Mom

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Netflix and Motherhood

Yesterday I wrote about who I am. "I am a blessed girl. My life is never boring. Here is who I am: I am a Christian  wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, military wife, special education mom, volunteer and a crazy dyslexic mind..." 

So for the next few days I will take one part of my life and tell you something I have learned that might help you. I am not a know it all smartie pants. I have all kinds of flaws. Any tips are me just living my life out loud and Thanking God for the wisdom that comes with age.

A few years ago we were cutting our family budget and got ride of cable. The kids were very upset at the thought of no cable but they soon got over their lack of cable. If you have internet access at home you can watch just about everything you want from on an over the air antenna, Netflix, Hulu, phone and iPod/iPad apps and a million other ways. 

It is funny how you see the world at different points in your life. When Malcolm in the Middle first aired I saw everything from the view point of Malcolm. I laughed, cried, and felt his pain of life as a young teen and not fitting in at school. 

Now my kids have watched Malcolm in the Middle on Netflix and I see the show from the view point of Lois. It is like it is not even the same show. I laugh, cry and scream with Lois. I feel her pain for wanting to help her kids and not really knowing how. I feel her pain for a crazy messing house that nobody ever seems to care about the mess other than her. 

Job 32:7 is a great verse for what I have learned by re-watching Malcolm in the Middle with my kids,  I thought, 'Those who are older should speak, for wisdom comes with age.

So what is my wisdom. Save money and dump your cable bill, sit down and watch TV with you kids.

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My Path

Hello My SMASHing friends,
I had lunch the other day with my friends and fellow bloggers Hallee at Hallee The Homemaker  and Amy at The Happy Homemaker
We were talking about blogs, life, God, family, Childhood Cancer, Special Education, Military Life and so much more. Hallee and Amy were encouraging me to be more open with my blog and tell my story. I have a lot of stories to tell.

So over the summer I will be working on my blog. I will always tell you about SMASHing deals but I will also start telling you about the rest of my life. I am always so blessed by learning from people who have walked my path before me. So, I am hoping my path will be a blessing to someone.

Here is a peek into my world. Today before 11:00am I took two kids to school with flowers in hand for Teachers Appreciation Day, went to a school band concert, went on a walking field trip to Domino's Pizza with Baylor's Kindergarten class, lost my keys in the school parking lot, found my keys in the office thanks to a good soul who turned them in, and talked on the phone to my hubby who is deployed with the Kentucky National Guard to Africa.

What is on tap for this afternoon? I have to return a phone call to a retired police captain about the safety of our local parks, pick up a book from the library before I have left it on hold too long and have to pay a fee, take Elise to swim coaching and Baylor to t-ball. And in there I guess I need to feed kids dinner, do laundry, take the dog for a walk and chat with Loge IV.

I am a blessed girl. My life is never boring. Here is who I am: I am a Christian  wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, military wife, special education mom, volunteer and a crazy dyslexic mind. So these are the things I will blog about. I hope I can be the right person in your path. God is good all the time and I have been blessed by the people in my path.
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New Coupons to Print


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FREE KFC Monday, May 6

Be one of the first 100 guests to say “I ate the bones" or request a free piece on May 6 from 2:00 pm–4:00 pm and receive a FREE piece of Original Recipe Boneless.

No purchase necessary. Offer valid at participating restaurants in the United States (excluding Puerto Rico) on May 6, 2013 between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. local time. Limit one free piece per person to the first 100 people requesting a free piece of KFC Original Recipe Boneless at each participating restaurant. White or dark meat is at manager's choice.

I always love to take my kids to these promo events as an after school treat.

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