Act Fast and Get a $15 Toys R Us Gift Card for Only $15

If you are not signed up for Groupon today is the day to sign up. You can use my link to sign up and when you do you can go to this link to get a Toys R Us $15 gift card for only $7.50.

Military Save 20% at Bed Bath and Beyond Nov. 9-11, 2013

FREE Doughnut For Wearing Your Costume to Krispy Kreme Oct. 31

Get  a FREE Doughnut For Wearing Your Costume to Krispy Kreme Oct. 31. Also, don't forget Krisby Kreme will give your kids a FREE doughnut for every A on their report card up to six FREE.

Save 75% on Prescriptions

If you have a regularly re-occurring prescription to be filled, you can save 75% when ordering in bulk.

A great way to save money and time is to ask your doctor to write your prescriptions to last three months. On most plans these medications will have the same copay if they are written in a quantity of 30, 60 or 90 days.

I save over $80 per year with this tip and save myself nine trips to the Drug Store.

BONUS TIP: Have multiple prescriptions? Schedule them all on 90 day cycles whenever possible, to reduce trips to the doctor and drug store, co-pays, and prescription fees.

FREE Treats with Kids Report Card

 Take your kids report cards and get great FREE goodies!

Chuck E. Cheese gives free tokens
Graeter's will give the kiddos a FREE scoop

Krispy Kreme Doughnut will give a doughnut for every A with a max of 6 doughnuts

Great Harvest Bread will give a free cookie

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Kentucky you get 1oz off your order for each A on your report card

Veteran's Day Freebies and Deals

Here is a link to a few sites that list Veteran's Day Freebies and deals.

There are plenty of Veterans Day free meals to be had this year as well as some other additional discounts on items other than food. You'll be able to stop into any of the restaurants below on or around Veterans Day this year to get your free meal.
Tip: Pay close attention to the date listed and what you need to bring so you qualify for the free meal. They don't all take place on Veterans Day (Monday, November 11, 2013) and some require different forms of identification.
Tip: Some of these Veterans Day free meals are nationwide but some are only at participating locations. Please call the restaurant before you leave home to make sure they are taking part.This list is 6 pages long! Look through them all so you don't miss out on a favorite.
Looking for more freebies like this one? There are plenty of other military freebies that are available all year round. You can also get free meals on your birthday at many restaurants around the country.

Golden Corral Veterans Day Free Meal (Monday, November 11, 2013)

Veterans Day Free Meals 2013© Golden Corral
On Monday, November 11, 2013 from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Golden Corral will be giving out Veterans Day free meals to any person who has ever served in the U.S. military or is on current active duty. This includes retirees, veterans, National Guard or Reserves.
All Golden Corral locations will be participating and no identification is required to get your free dinner buffet and beverage.
Last year, Golden Corral served over 375,000 veterans a Veterans Day free meal!

Applebee's Veterans Day Free Meal (Monday, November 11, 2013)

Veterans Day Free Meals 2013© Applebee's
Stop into a participating Applebee's on Monday, November 11, 2013 to get your Veterans day free meal. You'll be able to choose a meal from a limited Veteran's Day menu that includes steak, cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, salad, pasta, chicken, and shrimp. You can see the complete menu by using the link above. This deal is dine-in only and beverages and gratuity are not included.
You'll need to bring in one proof of military service such as a U.S. Uniform Service ID card, U.S. Uniform Services Retired ID card, current Leave and Earnings statement, photograph in uniform, be wearing your uniform, a veterans organization card such as American Legion or VFW, or a DD214.
Find an Applebee's near you and call ahead to find out if they are participating in the Veterans Day free meal.

Olive Garden Veterans Day Free Meal (Monday, November 11, 2013)

Veterans Day Free Meals 2013© Olive Garden
Olive Garden is having a Veterans Day free meal for all veterans on Monday, November 11, 2013.
Veterans can choose a free entree from a special menu. All these entrees come with freshly baked garlic breadsticks and choice of unlimited soup or salad.
Find an Olive Garden near you.

Krispy Kreme Veterans Day Free Doughnut and Coffee (Monday, November 11, 2013)

Veterans Day Free Meals 2013© Krispy Kreme
Veterans can start their Veteran's Day off with a free breakfast at Krispy Kreme that includes a doughnut and a small coffee. No purchase is necessary.
Find a Krispy Kreme near you to take advantage of this Veterans Day freebie.

Menchie's Veterans Day Free Frozen Yogurt (Monday, November 11, 2013)

Veterans Day Free Meals 2013Photo © Menchie's
Menchie's will be giving out free 6 oz. cups of frozen yogurt to veterans all day on Veterans Day.
Find out where a Menchie's is near you.

LongHorn Steakhouse Veterans Day Free Texas Tonion (November 11 - 14, 2013)

Veterans Day Free Meals 2013© LongHorn Steakhouse
LongHorn Steakhouse is giving away free Texas Tonions and non-alcoholic beverages to veterans who stop into their local Longhorn Steakhouse on Monday, November 11 through Thursday, November 14, 2013.
You'll need to bring proof of service with you for this freebie such as wearing your uniform or showing Military ID.

Shoney's Veterans Day Free All-American Burger (Monday, November 11, 2013)

Veterans Day Free Meals 2013© Shoney's
Shoney's will be having a Veterans Day free meal in 2013 that consists of a free All-American Burger. This is for veterans as well as active duty military.
Proof of military service is required and it's for dine-in only. Find aShoney's near you.

Tim Hortons Veterans Day Free Donut (Monday, November 11, 2013)

Veterans Day Free Meals 2013© Tim Hortons
All U.S. locations of Tim Hortons is giving away free donuts to all active and inactive U.S. military veterans on Monday, November 11, 2013.
Veterans will need to be in uniform or show military ID. No purchase necessary.

FREE Tickets for all Military Service Members and their Families! Oct. 19 at Rupp Arena the NBA's New Orleans Pelicans vs. Washington Wizards



Free tickets are available for all military service members and their families! At 7PM on Oct. 19 at Rupp Arena the NBA's New Orleans Pelicans take on the Washington Wizards in a pre-season match-up featuring three former UK players, Anthony Davis and Darius Miller from the Pelicans and John Wall of the Wizards.

Up to 4 tickets are available for pick-up at the Box Office at Rupp Arena between 10AM and 7PM on Oct. 19. Print off the attached voucher and show a military ID at the Box Office to receive the free tickets.

It is Okay to Say NO! Two Questions To Ask Before Your Time is Gone

Your time has value and worth. Your time is more precious than money, because you can't get it back.

You need to treat your time exactly like you treat your budget. With your budget, you decide where each dollar will go before it leaves your hands.  Do the same with your time. Plan how each day will be spent before it happens.

You are important and your time is incredibly valuable!  If you don't believe me, go missing for a day and see the chaos that happens while your gone. ;-)

Here's the hard part...

There are a thousand "worthy" things to spend your time on. You have to get in the habit of ignoring a few of the "worthy" things for the sake of what is eternal.

This means saying, 'No,' to some great things that are important to a lot of people -- maybe even church things.  That's okay. You're not really saying, 'no.' You are saying, "I have to stay focused on what is eternal, my family is counting on me."

Make no mistake, you are giving time away that you will never get back. Make every second count.

Questions to ask yourself before you agree to give your time.
  1. Does this help me reach my life goals?
  2. Will this lift my family up, or will it take me away from them?

To encourage you to draft your life goals, here are my goals:
  1. Have a deeper more meaningful walk with Christ
  2. Love and care for my family in a Christ-centered manner
  3. Be the right person in someone's path. Use my skills and talents to bless others.
  4. Enjoy life and take time to notice and enjoy the blessings of everyday life.

So now that I have my four life goals set I can budget my time around those goals.

So often, as kind Christians, we get pulled from here to there doing this good deed and the next good deed, but we never stop to check if what we are doing meets our Life Goals.  Good deeds are great, but being tossed and pulled without direction, isn't good for our family.

Last Spring I noticed I was doing and doing and doing but I had lost my focus. I was  PTSA President at one school, a PTA Board Member at another school, A Member of a Non-Profit Board, Homeroom Mom, and so much more. I started doing all those things to help my kids but what I noticed was all the meetings and obligations were actually taking me away from my kids. We didn't have much down time to just enjoy one another. I was being over-tasked with important projects, but my family was paying the price.

So, this Fall, I am deliberately taking a break from all my extra commitments. I am helping with the kids' classrooms as needed but I am not the Homeroom Mom. It has been a great Fall so far. The time I used to spend at night sending emails, attending meetings, and organizing events is now time I spend just enjoying my family.

I always think it is kinda crazy when other people want to read what my crazy mixed up dyslexic mind has to say. But so often my tips and posts are a blessing to the people in my path. So here is my Time Budget for the week:

  1. Find my quiet time for Bible study everyday, go to my Moms in Prayer group, Sunday School, church.
  2. Take care of all the household needs, help kids with homework, drive kids to and from sporting events, visit my 88 year old Grandmother, lunch with my sister, date night with the hubby, do more Mystery Shopping.
  3. Write my blog, help at Baylor's school, Help the kids write Thank You Notes, encourage friends, pray for others, speak blessings and pray to be the right person in someone's path.
  4. Take long walks, be thankful and enjoy life.

Time is the great equalizer. We all get the same amount each day. What we choose to do with our time will bless us or curse us. I choose to use my time budget as a blessing. This whole new way of looking at time as a budget is STASH Save Time And Stay Home with your kids.

FREE Godiva Chocolate

I did a Godiva Chocolate Mystery Shop today and learned about and signed up for the Godiva Rewards program. If I was not doing a Mystery Shop I would have never bought Godiva for myself. Now that I am a rewards member I will get at least one pice  of Godiva a month for FREE. You can join too.


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I am NOT an Extreme Couponer

I paid only $1.60 for this great deal at CVS this week. I used a combo of ExtraCare Card, store coupon and MFG coupon. The retail price of these two items is $12. I am not an extreme couponer but this was an extremely good deal.

Why am I not an extreme couponer?
1. I only buy what I need
2. My time is worth a lot and extreme couponing takes a lot of time
3. I don't want to give up space in my home to stockpile
4. You have to cross ethical lines to be an extreme couponer. You have to be willing to take more than your fair share, print coupons from more than one computer and bend the rules

What I do my SMASHing friends is keep my eyes open for the deals. When I find a great deal like hair color and Ajax for only $1.60 I go for it. What I don't do is spend all my time chasing down the deal. I want to Save Money And Stay Home with my kids. If I am always chasing down a deal I will be missing the part where I am with my kids.

Guess How Much I Paid

I got a great deal at CVS this week. I used a combo of ExtraCare Card, store coupon and MFG coupon. The retail price of these two items is $12. Guess how much I paid. No, it was not FREE but I got a great deal. I'll tell you how much I paid tomorrow. Happy guessing. 

FREE Burger King Fries Oct 12 and 13

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Low-Cost Dentures in Lexington, KY

Do you know someone who needs low-cost dentures? 

University of Kentucky College of Dentistry Dentures Course begins in January, and participants receive upper and lower dentures for only $276 (50% off). Participants must attend every Wednesday 9 am to noon, for 3-4 months until dentures are delivered. Call 859-323-6525 to schedule a screening for eligibility. Screening appointments $64.

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List of FREE Vacation Opportunities for Military Families

FREE vacations, retreats and opportunities for military families

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I Help you Save Money And Stay Home with Your Kids and I got FREE Chicken


Proverbs 31:26-27

26 She speaks with wisdom,

and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

 27 She watches over the affairs of her household

and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Proverbs 31: 26-27 is my verse for SMASH. I always try to give tips that are Christ centered and help you to Save Money And Stay Home with you kids. Even if your kids are grown or you don't have any kids I hope my tips are a blessing to you.

I have not tried to really monetize my blog but every now and then I get a great freebie because of my passion to help you Save Money And Stay Home with your kids.

The people at Chick-fil-A happen to read one of my many post about great deals at Chick-fil-A and they asked me to be part of their Mom's Focus Group. So, last week I got a few coupons for FREE Chick-fil-A for being part of the Focus Group. Woo hoo! My blog may not be monetize but I help you Save Money And Stay Home with your kids and I get FREE chicken.

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Understanding Your Child's MAP Test Scores

If your Kids are taking MAP test in school and you want to know what the heck those crazy scores means here is a great chart.

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I Get FREE Products to Test at Home and You can Too

There is more to Saving Money And Staying Home with your kids than just making or saving money. FREE products are a way to help you Save Money And Stay Home with your kids. I have wanted to try Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner for a while now but I just never wanted to spend the money on it not knowing if it would really work well on my 1950's hardwood floors.

So today I am excited I am going to get to try Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner for FREE. You might be able to also. I'm on the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Mission with Smiley360! #BonaClean

 You can join Smiley360 too at

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FREE Panda Express Today

Don't forget FREE Panda Express today. 
Here is mine with an extra order of fried rice. My hubby and I used this offer as a fun 
lunch date. Maybe you can go on a dinner date.

If you are getting this on my email list keep in mind that I blog one day and the email blog
recap comes out the next day. So if you want to make sure you never miss a deal follow 
SMASH with your kids on Facebook here.