Tips on Selling Gold

Dave Giles Gold is at $1350/ounce, or $67.50 per pennyweight, or $43.40 per gram. That's pure 24k. If you have 10k, you multiply the value by 0.417. 14k use 0.585. 18k use .75. Then you will have the "market melt" value. That's what they get when they scrap it. Their goal is to buy it from you as cheaply as you are willing. Most will offer you about 20% of what it is worth melted. If you hold out (and do your math ahead of time), you can get up to about 75-80% of that value. Precious stones are worthless and detract from the value (and should therefore be removed by you to get the best offer). Diamonds are worthless unless they are 0.25ct fine or 0.5ct decent, but should be left in because they will be bid as gold (and therefore draw a little more money than their actual value).

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