Save Money And Stay Home with your kids

I went back to school shopping with my mom for the kids and got lots of great deals and FREE stuff. If you want to Save Money And Stay Home with your kids you always need to plan your shopping. Never just go to the store without knowing the deals, looking for coupons and planning your budget.

I used my birthady Aveda coupon and got a FREE personl blend Pure-fume. You can get yours too. Sign up for FREE Aveda for your birthday
Join the birthday club and you get a post card on your birthday month for a free personal blends Pure-fume or body care product worth up to $25.
If you like a store and shop there often sign up to be on their e-mail list. There was a great coupon in Sunday's paper for $10 off $50 or more at Old Navy. I know about the coupon before I even opened the paper because I had gotten an e-mail from
Make sure you always work your coupons. I have three kids so I asked a neighbor and my in-laws for their Old Navy coupons. So I had three coupons. It always helps to have a shopping buddy that doesn't lay on the floor and cry because other kids are playing in the Old Navy light show too. Not saying my kid did that or anything (: My mom was my shopping buddy. I got $50 worth of clothing together and my mom got $50 worth of clothing together and we both checked out and each saved $10.
The thing to remember if you are shopping is plan a budget and stick to it. It would be so easy to buy 10 pairs of $10 jeans because they are such a great deal. Nothing is a great deal if you spend money you don't have or over spend.
If you are at the mall there are deals to be had on food and drinks you just have to ask what the deals are or know about them ahead of time. Our mall has a Sonic so drinks  are 1/2 price from 2-4 pm everyday.