You Can Help Orphans of Africa

I am always here to tell you about a good deal and how you can Save Money And Stay Home with your kids. Today I am giving you an opportunity to help kids who don't have parents. My husband is deployed with The National Guard and he is moved to help the Orphans of Africa. If you or your group feel lead to help these Orphans let me know.

I am in Djibouti, which is about 70% homeless, regardless of what other stats you might see. Djibouti is primarily populated with Somali refugees. They are fleeing Somalia at about 2,000 people per day. You’ll never see that in the news. Most people here don’t even know that. People here live in vast piles of garbage with a mosque in the center. They do not permit any evangelism at all. If you make contact with a missionary here, do not blow their cover. They have to work here under another capacity and to work for Christ under cover. Even Email is watched by the Djibouti government.

Anything for children at the orphanages would be welcome. This list is in order of priority of need:
· Soccer Balls (with air pumps and needles)
· Shoes (no bigger than Size 9-10 American)
· Clothing (this is the hottest inhabited place on earth)
· Toddler Toys and Up (nothing with batteries)
· Paper and Composition Books (not college ruled)
· Pencils and Sharpeners
· Crayons
· Easy Readers (in English. ie. Clifford the Big Red Dog, etc.)
· Backpacks
· Onesies
· Diapers
· Baby Wipes

You may send anything to my address, and I will personally distribute the items with our chaplains, and will photograph the results as much as they permit so you can see the fruits of your efforts.

Anything you feel called to send in the name of Christ, will be put to good use.

Do not put “Africa” or “Djibouti” on the package anywhere, because it will leave the U.S. postal system and get robbed by the Djibouti post office workers.

Grace and peace,

Sandford Logan Weiler III
Executive Officer
HHB 2-138th FAR

Mail to: Send me an email and I will send you the mailing address

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