5 Simple Planning Strategies to Save Money And Stay Home with Your Kids

Do you want to save money and stay home with your kids? It will take a little planning, but you can do it.

Making a plan and then sticking to the plan, will save you big money.  Here are Five Planning Steps I use every day to save money and stay home with my kids.
1. Make a Grocery List and Stick to it    Fifty-seven percent of respondents to an eZonomics poll said they spend less when grocery shopping if they have a shopping list.
2. Have An Emergency Fund    By planning ahead for an emergency you will not need to fall back on credit cards as a last resort. 
3. Plan a Written Budget    Budgeting is just spending your money with intention and a plan. Here's the hard part, don't buy anything that isn't already in your budget.
4. Never Buy Just Because It Is On Sale    Plan what you need and then find it at the best price. Don't fall victim to an irresistible deal.
5. Plan Your Treats  Plan your treats like movie dates, out to eat meals and entertainment around coupons and deals.

My youngest child Baylor, who just turned 7 this week, inherited my Type A planning gene. He came to me with a To Do List for his day and wants to call a family meeting to hold people accountable for their chores. His desire to be organized is adorable.

Plan where every dollar will go, stick to your plan. You can do it! 

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