It Pays to be Nice

 It pays to be nice. I had to pick up my oldest son and the teachers who had him wanted us to meet them at Chipotle for the pick up. So, I thought great I have my two younger kids with me and they are hungry and I have no coupons for Chipotle but I thought I will just make the best of it.

So, I had never been to Chipotles so I was chatting up the manager who was working the line. We were talking about Chipotles food being all fresh and organic. Then when I was at the register I asked if Chipotles had a rewards card? The guy at the register said no but I think we need to get one. The manager who I had been chatting up came over and said I heard you ask about a rewards card so I will give you a discount.

God is good and people are nice. I did not ask for a discount but sometimes discounts just fall in your lap.

I love to Save Money And Stay Home with my kids!!!

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