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Homeschool enrollment for 2012-13 is now open! Get your materials and enter for a chance to win a special prize when you visit! (Contest ends May 31st)
The BOOK IT! Program is a six-month reading incentive program implemented in K-6 classrooms October through March each year.

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I got a great deal on Dinner Last Night.

So I have started my life once again as a military wife. When we were young and my hubby was in the military I never knew or used any of the military discounts.

Well, with age comes wisdom. Last night we went to Smashing Tomato 
and let me tell you about the great deal I got. It was Kids Night. Yes, a Kids Night on a Monday!!! You have to love that.

The kids each got a pizza and a drink for only $1.99, hubby and me got a pizza and a great salad on Managers special and I had my Smashing Tomato card and got a FREE drink and then the cherry on the Sunday was a 10% Military Discount.

So our whole meal was a SMASHing price of just over $16.

Here is what you need to remember for getting a great deal:

Always ask if a store or restaurant has a customer rewards program.

Always ask if there are any specials

Always as for any discounts you are entitled to.
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