Free Samples from Wal-Mart

I love to shop but I also LOVE to save money. If you want to get the joy of shopping without spending any money. Go to Wal-Mart's free sample page. The URL on Wal-Mart's free samples page changes often so once you get to Wal-Mart's home page type in the words"free samples" and you will have the latest sample offers. Go to the sight often because there are new samples all the time.The samples are free and are mailed to your home.

Save Halloween Candy for Christmas, Easter and Birthdays

If your kids get tons and tons of candy for Trick or Treat, take some of the candy out of their bags when they are not looking and save it for Christmas stockings, Easter baskets and Birthday party goodie bags. Chocolate can be kept in the freezer. Just make sure you keep you kids out of the loop on this one. This a great money saving trick and it is a treat to your family budget.