Gattitown Deal

Gattitown is a 30,000 square foot family entertainment center with over 150 video/redemption games, bumper cars and movies. Enjoy our safe non-smoking, non-drinking family atmoshpere. Along with great food and games, Gattitown offers an excellent place to host your birthday party, field trip, meetings and more! 

My Readers Receive a special offer on a Family Four Pack - Bring your family of four to Gattitown and pay just $39.99 for 2 Adult Buffets, 2 Kids Buffets and a $20 Game Card!

Try Noodles and Company FREE

Lexington friends sign up fast to get to try Noodles & Company FREE this week.

It pays to be a hungry world traveler, who loves to get their celebration on.
Noodles & Company is about to open in Lexington and we need your help breaking in the china.
Join us for a little free food and a whole lot of excitement on:

January 29th, 6pm-8pm
January 30th, 11:30am-1:30pm
and 5:00pm-7:30pm 
Just reserve your spot by clicking below.
Join our Pre-Opening Celebration! Click to RSVP
Can't get enough Noodles info?

Save your Outside Water Spigot and Pipes from Breaking for only $2

The garden hose is disconnected. Even if it looks like it is not in the photo.

Woo, it is cold outside. Many of my neighbors are dealing with broken pipes due to this crazy cold weather. I have a great tasty way to save your outside water spigot. Go get your favorite drink in a big styrofoam cup. Next drink your tasty drink.

1. Wash out the cup.
2. Place a smaller tight fitting styrofoam cup over the spigot.
3. Place the bigger styrofoam cup over the smaller cup.

The spigot will not freeze or break and you get a fun drink. Saving your pipes for only $2.

Tips on Saving Energy

Columbia Gas of Kentucky
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Winter quick tips to saving energy and money
Another batch of low temperatures and snow is upon us and there isn’t a better time to learn how to save energy and use it wisely. Here are a couple tips that can help take the chill off your bill.
  1. Seal gaps around doors and windows with weather stripping, door sweeps and caulk or foam sealants.
  2. Install window insulator kits to cover entire windows with a shrink wrap like material. These kits are inexpensive and are an effective way to stop air leaks. You can purchase these at any local home improvement store.
  3. Keep your thermostat set at 72°F or lower and take advantage of the programming settings when you are away or at night. Through proper use of a programmable thermostat (using the four pre-programmed settings) you can save about *$180 every year in energy costs.
  4. Close the damper when your fireplace is not in use.
  5. Keep south facing window draperies and shades open during the day to let the sunlight come into your home and closed at night to decrease the chill you may feel as a result of cold windows.
  6. Take advantage of our energy efficiency programs and save energy and money year around. See a list of our programs by
*The $180 savings assumes a typical, single-family home with a 10 hour daytime setback of 8° F in winter and setup of 7° F in summer, and an 8 hour nighttime setback of 8° F in winter and a setup of 4° F in summer.

Know the difference

Winter Storm Outlook - Winter storm conditions are possible in the 

next 2 to 5 days.

Winter Weather Advisory - Winter weather conditions are expected to cause significant inconveniences and may be hazardous. When caution is used, these situations should not be life threatening.

Winter Storm Watch - Winter storm conditions are possible within the next 36 to 48 hours. People in a watch area should review their winter storm plans and stay informed about weather conditions.

Winter Storm Warning - Life-threatening, severe winter conditions have begun or will begin within 24 hours. People in a warning area should take precautions immediately.
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