AIP Diet

When I started this blog I wanted to teach people how to SMASH Stay Home And Save Money with your kids. It is nice to have money and save money but if you don't feel well who cares how much money you have saved. Your health is truly priceless. Two months ago I started the AIP diet in an effort to feel better.

You know you have lost a lot of weight when your leggings are too big. I was not trying to lose weight I was trying to feel better by starting the AIP diet. I feel so much better and bonus I lost weight that had been put on by my messed up thyroid.The crazy thing about the weight loss is I was not "overweight" by medical stanards but I was not my normal thanks to the lovely autoimmune thyroid issues. I encourage you if you don't feel like your normal try eating better. Food can be you medicine. Life is too short to feel bad!

Christmas Traditions

What are your Christmas family traditions? We have a few fun ones. Each kid get three gifts just like the Wise Men gave three gifts. We make up a new code every year and put the code on the gift not the child's name. It is fun bc they try to guess the code and the gift. I never buy sugar/junk cereal but each year as a stocking stuffer the kids get one box of any cereal they want. On this year's cereal list Fruit Loops, Cookie Crisp, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Lexington Public Library Read Off Your Fines Dec. 15-31, 2016

 Lexington Public Library Read Off Your Fines Dec. 15-31, 2016
  • Fines will be forgiven on overdue items only, not lost items.
  • Each 60 minutes of reading forgives $8.00 in fines.
  • Reading must be done in the Library.
  • Maximum reading time is 3 hours per day.
  • An adult, parent, or volunteer may read to a pre-reading child.
  • Find a Library staff member to register.
  • All ages