Frugal Tips! I saved $100 last summer

People ask what can I cut out of my budget to save money? It is the little things that add to big savings. Do you use a new swimpant every time your baby or tot goes to the pool? I don't!!! Did you know you can wash and dry Huggies swimpants as long as your child has only gone #1 in the swimpants. Last year I only used 5 swimpants all summer long which saved my family over $100 last summer.

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Park and Recreation

Elise had her first swim meet last night. A great way to save money and have fun is to take part in city sports teams not private clubs. Elise is Swimming on a Lexington Park and Recreation team for only $35 vs. the $170, plus $65 swim suit, $$$$ for travel and extras to be on the YMCA summer team.

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