I love Fazoli's Kids Night

I love Fazoli's Kids night. Great food for $0.99, all the bread sticks you can eat, free drink refills, crafts, treats and movies for the kids.

New Aaaahtalian Deals Days Value and Variety for everyone. Hurry in today; these unbeatable deals are available for a limited time only.
MONDAY Meatball Madness Fazoli's zesty spaghetti with meatballs and side garden salad. $2.99
TUESDAY Kids Night! (5-8 P.M.) With great kids meals to choose from, and fun arts and crafts every week. $.99
THURSDAY Pizza Pasta Sampler Spaghetti with meat sauce, a slice of hot, pepperoni pizza and Fettucine Alfredo $2.99

I saved a lot of money at ALDI today

I went to the new ALDI store in town today. I spent only $27.00 on all the groceries you see in this photo. I also had a coupon from the paper for $5 off. The store was very bright and clean. You have to pay $0.25 to get a cart but when you return your cart you get your $0.25 back. Bring your own bags because bags are $0.05 each.
Milk was only $1.99 a gallon. Large eggs were only $0.99 a dozen.