FREE Bowling in Lexington

Here’s a couple programs you may already be aware of:


  1. Text Collins to 55678 to receive 5 free games.  Also you get cash back on every purchase.
  2. Bowling specials can now be purchased using your mobile device.  No longer wait for the mail to arrive for certificate, the whole process has been simplified to create big time savings and added value - refer to our sales page: 


Here's a few ideas of how people have used these:


  • Let your kids bowl after school a day or 2 each week.
  • Snow days when there's nothing at the house to do and everyone has cabin fever.
  • Treat some underprivileged kids bowling..
  • Organize your church group or youth late night lock-in event.
  • Take your employees bowling for the offsite casual office party concept.
  • Treat radio or TV stations to bowling in exchange for free company advertising.
  • Gift your suppliers in exchange for services you would normally pay them for.
  • Use for the golf event rainout option.
  • Little league, Youth Football, Basketball, Soccer, swim team, karate club, dance team, musical group get together pizza and bowling parties.
  • Book the lanes you need and charge a premium fee for fundraiser.