Trip Fairy and ways to keep the kids happy on the road

If you have young kids you can play the "Trip Fairy" Game. Every time you stop the car for gas or a rest you place a little treat in your kids car seat. I always buy treats that I need anyway like: sunglasses, gum, candy, chips, Coke, Disney Band-Aids. This makes the kids happy to rush back to the car. So much fun!! Also, if you are going to Disney and don't want to spend all your money in the gift shops.... Tell your kids that the Trip Fairy will leave a special gift for them in your room. You can place a Mickey Mouse T-Shirt that your bought at the Disney Store before you left home and save BIG MONEY.

If you have a DVD player in your car you can rent Redbox movies for the kids. You can return a Redbox anywhere. So you can watch Scooby Doo from Lexington to Nashville and then rent another DVD along the way.

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