What did I get FREE today

I love to save money. I am not like a lot of other bloggers. I am not going to buy things I don't need or want just because I have a coupon. I only buy items I need. If you buy something you don't really need but only paid $1 for that item I see that as wasting $1.

One way a save money is my needs list is very short.

Today I got:
FREE Chick fil A Spicy Biscuit one for me and one for my son worth $5.50
Bath & Body Works Hand Soap worth $5.00
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer $1.50
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer Holder worth $1.50
Staples two FREE bottles of Hand Soap worth $2.00
I plan on picking up a FREE Redbox on the way home worth $1.06
That is a total of almost $17.00 in FREE goodies. I did not spend any money to get any of these treats.

How did I get all these deals? I keep my eyes open for deals. When I see a deal I will always blog about it so you can get the deal too. Look for ads when you are in a store. A while back I was in Chick fil A and spotted an ad for the FREE Spicy Biscuits on Thursdays in Jan. and Feb. at Lexington area CFA.

Back in the fall I blogged about the Bath & Body Works Card you could sign up for and have mailed to your home. Each month from Jan.- May you can pick one Thursday a month to go in and get your FREE items for the month.

I had a $2 rewards check from Staples.

I got an email about the FREE Redbox code.

Why am I telling you all this? To encourage you to SMASH Save Money And Stay Home with your kids.

I did all these great things with my sweet 12 year old boy in tow. He is having a hard time getting over cancer. I thank God everyday that I took a leap of faith 8 years ago and left the world of a working mom to just be a mom.

Living well on any one income. How to Save Money And Stay Home With Your Kids.

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