FREE Family Fun

Thanks to Lexington Whole Foods for the great kids cooking class today. It was FREE, fun, healthy, & full of generous treats.

People always ask me how we have so much family fun on a budget. I keep my eyes and ears open for fun FREE or discounted events for my family like the Whole Foods Cooking Class today. Here are my tips for finding the best FREE family fun.

1. Always ask other parents what they are doing for fun. Word of mouth is still the best way to find the best deals.

2. Every town has a family magazines. Make sure you pick it up every month and look for events.

3. The newspaper is a great place for to get information on local events

4. Look at your kids school folder. So often FREE fun event info comes home in the kids school folder.

5. Follow Facebook, blogs and Twitter for local groups you like and keep an eye out for events.

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