Save Money at Halloween

I repost this every year. If your kids get tons and tons of candy for Trick or Treat, take some of the candy out of their bags when they are not looking and save it for Christmas stockings, Easter baskets and Birthday party goodie bags. Chocolate can be kept in the freezer. Just make sure you keep your kids out of the loop on this one. This a great money saving trick and it is a treat to your family budget.

On a side note. Kids grow so fast and life changes so fast. This photo was taken four years ago in the BC time in our family BC being Before Cancer. I feel and look like I have aged 40 years in the last four years but I have grown so much and learned so much. I am so thankful to God for all my blessing and want to encourage my SMASHing friends to stop and count your blessings. Happy Halloween(:

Living well on any one income. How to Save Money And Stay Home With Your Kids.

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