Melaleuca Non-Toxic Products

I had lunch the other day with my neighbor Michelle. She is a rep for a really cool company called Melaleuca. If you are looking for non-toxic products here is her info:

I am a new Mom myself and learning all the truth behind the products I use was overwhelming. A friend introduced me to a wellness company that has given me back my sanity! Melaleuca is a green manufacturing company, for the last 27 years they have been keeping true to their mission of ‘Enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals’. They offer over 400 exceptional products and reasonable prices, convenience of shopping online and delivery to your door, and a guarantee that all their products are non-toxic and offer health and wellness to your family. More important to all of those things is the heart this company has for people. They work hard at building relationship and trust with their customers there are no hidden agendas they are honest and that means more to me when considering the well-being of my family than anything else. If you are just a little curious or want more information on how to get these products delivered to your front doorstep please contact me, Michelle Adams 859-913-4862 or
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