Title I - $600 FREE Tutoring

Did you know that if your public school district is a "Title I public school," and you choose to enroll your kids in home school or private school instead of public school, you are eligible to receive FREE federal tutoring money to supplement your child's education. The program is called Title I, (pronounced Title One).

Because our school has been classified as a Title I school, we received an unassuming letter from the county school board inviting us to attend an informational meeting regarding Title I Funding. At the meeting they explained that the government will fund $600 worth of private education, and I kept thinking, "This is too good to be true!"

Like any federal program, there are 1000 hoops to jump through, and millions of forms to fill out. After five months of meetings and paperwork, my son is scheduled to receive his first in home tutoring session, paid for by Uncle Sam.

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